Devoted Health Slide Deck, Business Insider // Feb 10, 2019
We got a look at the slide deck that startup Devoted Health used to hit a $1.8 billion valuation.

SparkNeuro, Super Bowl Advertising // Feb 1, 2019
“Every 30 seconds of air time is five and a half million dollars,” Spencer Gerrol, founder and CEO of SPARK Neuro, said, “You don’t have time to waste a single second.”

BobaGuys Filipninotown // Jan 1, 2019
SF’s Popular Boba Guys Drop Surprise Second Shop in Historic Filipinotown. The new space is an extension of Rideback Ranch, a buzzy production company campus on Beverly that’s helmed by Dan Lin.

Tech Crunch, Oura Ring // Dec 3, 2018
Oura Health, a sleep-tracking and sleep-improvement platform, just surpassed $20 million* in a funding round led by MSD Capital with participation from YouTube co-founder Steve Chen, Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, Sunrise founder Dave Morin, JUMP founder Ryan Rzepecki and others.

Fast Company, Cubcoats // Nov 2, 2018
It’s a $40 stuffed animal that magically unzips to become a hoodie sweater. But it’s become something of a viral sensation among kids and their parents. The company could make up to $10 million in sales in 2018 at its current growth rate. This amazing growth trajectory has helped Cubcoats’ founders, Zac Park and Spencer Markel, land $4.85 million in seed investment from a range of well-known investors.

Tech Crunch, Cubcoats // Nov 1, 2018
Peak Theory, launched by longtime friends Zac Park (who’s 29) and 35-year-old Spencer Markel, is the company behind Cubcoats, a hoodie that transforms into a stuffed animal.

Forbes, Spark Neuro // Oct 22, 2018
Rewiring Storytelling: Neuroanalytic brand boosting from the startup that predicted the Trump win.

Prince Harry, Oura Ring // Oct 19, 2018
Everything you need to know about Prince Harry’s sleep tracker fitness ring.

Game Closure, PocketGamer // Oct 16, 2018
At this year’s Tokyo Game Show, LINE Corporation officially launched a new in-app gaming platform: LINE QUICK GAME. Offering popular Game Closure games, the LINE QUICK GAME platform allows users to play with their friends without downloading or installing any additional applications.

Tech Crunch, Devoted Health // Oct 16, 2018
Devoted Health, a Waltham, Mass.-based insurance startup, has raised a $300 million Series B and is enrolling to its Medicare Advantage plan members in eight Florida counties.

Business Insider, Devoted Health // Oct 16, 2018
A startup that wants to reinvent the way we take care of seniors in America just raised hundreds of millions as it gears up to launch its new plans in 2019.

Forbes Japan // Sept 26. 2018

Forbes, Spark Neuro // Aug 29, 2018
Neuroscientists spent five years to create an algorithm that can help you be more persuasive.

Spark Neuro Raise // Aug 8, 2018
Spark Neuro raises $13.5mm to measure your emotional response to ads and movies.

Oura Ring Raise // July 22, 2018
Finnish HealthTech startup Oura Health raises additional €5 million to help more people to sleep better.

Variety // July 18, 2018
Japanese soccer star, Keisuke Honda and Hollywood’s Will Smith are launching a venture capital fund with a social twist.

Hollywood Reporter // July 18, 2018
Will Smith is teaming up with Japan's World Cup soccer star Keisuke Honda to launch an investment fund this month, with the aim of raising $100 million of Japanese money and investing in U.S. startups.

Japan Today // July 18, 2018
Japanese footballer Honda founds venture fund with Will Smith.

Japan Times // July 18, 2018
Keisuke Honda will launch a venture fund of around $100 million with Hollywood actor and rapper Will Smith this month.

KSK Group Press Release // July 18, 2018
Keisuke Honda, Will Smith, Nomura HD as an anchor investor, establishing a venture fund to invest in leading US startups.  

Nikkei Asian Review // July 18, 2018
Japanese soccer player Keisuke Honda is launching a venture fund with American movie star Will Smith this month, aiming to raise about $100 million from Japanese investors seeking inroads in budding U.S. startups.